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Glad to be Vegan

Over 80 Easy Vegan Recipes by Tricia Frances

Product details

Spiral-bound: 60 pages

Publisher: Pennies Press. (31 Oct 2003)

Language English

ISBN-10: 1898296022

ISBN-13: 978-1898296027

Product Dimensions: 20.4 x 14.2 x 0.4 cm

Book Description

Over 80 easy to follow recipes for Vegans, or those who cook for them!

Soups Snacks, Starters, Main courses and desserts all use basic ingredients easily obtained from the supermarket.


Glad To Be Vegan includes a useful section on vegetables and their dietry information and includes treats such as Christmas Cake and Sangria.


The book has a wipe clean cover and is wire bound, cover photography by author.



From the Author

People become Vegans for a number of reasons, health, morals, availability. My daughter who is 9, is a vegan because she cannot bear the thought of eating animals. I came to it from a different angle.

I came from a traditional Sunday Roast family but became a Vegan in 1991 after buying a portion of sweet and salmonella chicken from a local chinese takeaway! I found that when I recovered I was unable to eat chicken again - that being the only meat I ate at the time. As I also aquired a dairy & egg allergy I wasn't able to be a vegetarian.

My Mother was awe struck! She had no idea what to cook me when we went for Sunday lunch. So I put together a few recipes for Christmas, which expanded to a few more until finally I had a book, which was originally called Easy Vegan. I soon realised this might not be the best of titles!

At the time I was working as an entertainer and had been asked to take part in a late night food program - Get Stuffed. I played Glad who was a vegan, and I felt this would be a good title.

So here is the book - Glad to be Vegan!

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